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Pro Sound and Communication has a wide range of projects in their portfolio. Following is a small sampling of some of the quality projects we have completed. For specific references related to your needs, please contact us for additional projects.

Abundant Life Church

The A/V systems in this extremely active church in Boring, OR, are used almost daily. Pro Sound And Communications designed all A/V systems, and the acoustic treatment for this building.

Major Components

3 Electrovoice QRX-153/75 3-way loudspeaker enclosures
2 Electrovoice Eliminator subwoofers
6 QSC PLX2402 power amplifiers
1 QSC PLX 3402 power amplifier
1 Biamp Audia Solo 8x8 digital signal processor
1 Biamp Audia Logic box
1 Biamp Audia V-8 volume control
1 Peavey/AA Digitool 8x8 signal processor
1 Allen & Heath GL-3000 40 channel mixing console
12 Electovoice EVID C4.2 ceiling speakers
1 Boxlight 5,500 ANSI lumen projector w/long throw lens

Pro Club aerobics studios

This is an extremely upscale fitness facility. As home fitness center for MicroSoft, the club has an enormously large membership base, and its clients have very high expectations. As such, the owners wanted to get the A/V systems for their new club right, throughout the facility.

After running by several possible designs for Mark DiDimenico, owner of the club, and Roger Davidson, construction manager for Pro Club, a distributed audio system using EV’s award winning EVID 6.2 loudspeakers was chosen.

In the large aerobics studio, 6 x 360 degree clusters of EVID 6.2’s were used. In the smaller studio, 4 x 360 degree clusters of EVID 6.2 loudspeakers were used. Both studios feature sophisticated signal processing from Biamp systems, and a Biamp 301e mixer with rotary pots. In this manner, it is impossible for any of the numerous instructors that pass through the studio to misadjust the audio system.

The audio system is powered by 3 x QSC PLX1602 power amplifiers in the large studio, and 2 x QSC PLX1602’s in the smaller studio. Although it may have been more cost effective to utilize the transformer versions of the 6.2’s, and appropriate 70V amplification, given the high fidelity demands of the users, the decision was made to use a direct-coupled scheme. The end result was more than worth it, as even non-critical listeners notice the superb audio quality.

Each aerobics room also uses special effects lighting to enhance some of the more uptempo classes, and provide the user with the experience of working out in a nightclub/dance setting.